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Software and Computers supplied.Software and Computers supplied.

Workshop Registration:

Date: TBA

Subject: TBA

Location: Multi-Purpose Room, Fort Rouge Leisure Centre, 625 Osborne St.



You will be working with supplied computers/software. (10 Windows, 1 Mac - all with a mouse)

All notes will be supplied, along with pen and paper and a DVD containing the days notes, images and some tutorial videos.

Learn how to:

  • get the images off of your memory card, into your computer;
  • organize them effectively;
  • be able to rate them, describe them, find them and sort them;
  • adjust RAW and jpeg images until you are satisfied with their look!



6 hours of Hands On learning 

2 - 15 minute coffee breaks;

1 hour break for lunch. Bring a lunch, or go to SubWay or Oakwood Cafe nearby.

We have one Mac which needs to be reserved in advance. 

This is one great way to go about building confidence for working on your images!