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Learn about Your Camera Your Way.

Different people learn in different ways.

Our lessons work for all types of learning styles.

  • Learn by listening to descriptions;
  • Learn by watching demonstrations;
  • Learning by doing the varied activities...

You will learn!

 We are trained to teach adults. We are teachers, not sales people who can only try to teach about what they sold you. Our lesson planning drives your effective learning via discussions, demonstrations, samples and lots and LOTS of activities.

Why Learn about Photography and your Camera With Us?

1) For the experience.

We’ve been teaching technology to adults for 30 years, and digital photography for the past 15 years.

2) For your convenience.

Time matters to you, and to us as well. We make the most of effectively using your time for lessons and even homework! Classes are set to a pace that is good for a novice. As you progress through our classes the pace of your lessons keeps up with your learning. You'll never have a dull moment!

Classes are offered through The Leisure Guide and Life Long Learning. These organizations allow for a variety of times and locations. Find a class near to you at a time that works for you!

We supply what’s needed for you to learn. The props, sample images, notes, and in the case of Hands-On Workshops the computers and software, are all provided. You bring your camera to class and learn hands on with your gear! (Fully charged batteries are needed in all of our camera classes)

3) For the Variety

We offer a diverse selection of over 20 Camera and Photography related Presentations/Courses ranging in topic from dSLR cameras to Composition to Restoring and Retouching old photographs and more... We are always adding new material, much of it at the suggestion of our students!

4) For the online support.

Our website is there for you to make use of 24hrs a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Your learning doesn’t have to end because your class is over.