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All Notes are in PDF format.

All topics covered rely on a lot of student participation and interaction with the instructor. You can take notes, but you will also be provided with hand-outs of the material covered in the presentation.

Please check either of the following for schedules!

The Leisure Guide     or      Life Long Learning (Wpg SD #1 Con-Ed)


Download the new Digital Photo Glossary pdf




Presentations: These classes are offered in one 2.5 hour session.


Home Movies: VHS into DVD: This workshop will show you how to save your memories by converting your old VHS tapes into DVDs. Watch how to convert, add titles and effects, edit and more. Leave with the knowledge and tips to do this for yourself.


Travel Photography: Learn simple tips & techniques for more satisfactory travel photos. Learn shooting methods, photo management skills for travel & see some helpful accessories! Hands On!


Intro to Pet Photography: Learn helpful and easy ways to take better photo's of your pets. Get tips for camera use and for working with animals. Find out which camera settings are best used in certain ways to capture pleasing shots of your fast and furry/feathery/scaly little friends. This class is also helpful for parents/grandparents.


Intro to High Dynamic Range: In this Software presentation class you will learn about making photographs that more closely represent what the human eye perceives. High Dynamic Range methods allow the photographer to create images that capture the range of details contained in the brightest through to the darkest parts of the picture. Learn how to take the images as well as how to process multiple exposures into one HDR image. Sample prints will be displayed. NOTES will be provided.


Digital “RAW” Photography: This is an introductory level presentation for people with a digital SLR camera. A digital SLR can record more than just jpeg images. Learn how to enhance the colour, exposure and overall quality of your image by using the RAW recording capability of your digital SLR.


Buying Your First Digital SLR Camera: Explore how to buy your first Digital SLR camera. Learn some of the vocabulary used to describe dSLRs; learn what to look for in a camera, the lens, and discuss the accessories & software often used with dSLR cameras. Leave better informed to make a buying decision with confidence. NEW


Organize Your Digital Photos: Do you have the Digital Image version of the "Shoebox of Photo's" scenario? Are images scattered all over your computers folders and drives? Having trouble finding the right image each time you want it? Well, this presentation shows you not only how to find images, but how to efficiently, conveniently and cost effectively manage as well as archive your images. You leave with not only notes and reference materials, but more importantly with the peace of mind knowing that your images can and will be well cared for with your new found Digital Asset Management skills.


Intro to Black and White Photography: Learn how to make the best black and white photographs possible. This presentation covers recommended camera setting, demonstrates software editing methods along with tips on making the best prints from B&W photos. Examine B&W prints created using the info covered in this class. NEW


Photo Restoration & Retouching: Learn affordable, practical and effective methods for scanning, retouching and restoring your aging photographs. Program covers restoring accurate colour, fixing bends and tears, and even removing people.


Improve Your Photography: Improve your photography with this presentation about the many factors affecting the creation, meaning and use of photographs. Beyond the simple rules of composition, much of what you will learn will help you create more powerful and enduring images. This is the thinking photographers class! NEW


SmartPhone Photography: Learn to use your smartphone or tablet to take the best photos possible. This class is all about tips and activities to increase your satisfaction with your phones photos.


Courses: Are offered in 2.5 hour sessions over a period of 3 weeks.

(By the way, there is homework in these classes!)


Intro to dSLR Photography Level 1: If you have a dSLR camera this is a good starting point. Learn about the body of the camera, the lenses, the accessories, and the various functions and techniques for getting the most out of your dSLR. Learn more about the value of "RAW" images that you can capture with your dSLR.


Intro to dSLR Photography Level 2: This class continues on from level 1. Learn more specific techniques about your camera capabilities. Learn about Flash, and Camera Maintenance. Practice working in the various "Manual Modes". Also get some insight into capturing Video with your camera.


Intro Point & Shoot/All in One Level 1: Learn to use the features of your digital camera. Fun for the novice level photographer!


Intro Point & Shoot/All in One Level 2: This class takes off where the first Intro to digital stopped. Get a more in-depth look at using your digital camera. Learn more about your settings, do more varied activities. Prerequisite: Into to Digital Photography.


Intro to Lightroom CC Classic: Gain further insight into the photo management and processing power of Adobe Lightroom. Also see all of the different ways you can create with your photos, Mapping, Publishing, Slideshows, Web Albums and Prints. This is great software for the enthusiast. Revised

Intro to Digital Photography: Compositions This Intro level course will help you compose better photo's by learning about lighting, camera locations, and accessories while taking diverse photo's such as Close-ups, landscapes, portraits and panorama's. This is a very hands on Digital Camera class! Intro to Digital Photography recommended.


Intro to Digital Photography: Lighting: Learn about the qualities of Natural and Artificial Lighting as they affect your photos. Work with real examples, using your camera, to take more pleasing photographs. Learn about various techniques, and tools, to make your photography easier and more productive. Do the classroom activities.


Intro to Photoshop Elements: Learn how to organize, enhance, edit & present your digital images in this 3-wk demonstration based course. Learn effective means of organization and storage. See how photos can best be enhanced, and take in a variety of editing tips & tricks. Then see the many ways you can present your images! Revised


Hands On Workshops: (Computers provided!)

Workshops are a full day (7 hour) session. Students are provided with their own laptop workstation to follow along with the Instructor as well as working on their own material. Learn with class material, then apply it to your own creations in class! As well as the instructor there is a full time assistant in class! You will get two 15-minute breaks and a full hour for lunch.


Hands-On Photo Editing: In this full day workshop you will learn to completely process RAW files as well as "tweak" the jpeg photographs that your camera provides. You will learn a complete editing workflow, with steps laid out in the order they should be completed. Composition, Exposure, Colour and more will be worked with. After this workshop you will have the knowledge and skills to make your images look their best!

Hands-On Organize & Enhance Digital Images: This full-day workshop has each student at a lap top computer working along with the instructor editing digital images. Learn the basic skills of a Digital Imaging Workflow. Import, sort, assess and edit, archive and output (print and CD slide show).

Hands-On Digital RAW Photography: If you have a digital SLR, or are considering buying one, this workshop will really help. Each student is assigned a laptop and follows along with the instructor using a RAW imaging workflow.