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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to be a nerd to take one of your classes?

A: No! Our classes are geared for beginners. Advanced classes come later, as you learn more.


Q: Besides digital photography what other nerdy subjects can you teach about?

A: We can deliver classes on Adobe PDF’s or the Optical Character Recognition conversion of printed into digital documents.


Q: Are you also professional photographers?

A: Nope. We are teachers first and foremost.


Q: Can I learn more about your classes before committing to register?

A: Absolutely! Go to our class page and look over our class notes.


Q: Do you have classes running near me?

A: Classes are offered in a variety of convenient locations through your local recreation services department, or continuing education department. Check a) The Leisure Guide


Q: How long are your classes?

A: Presentations are 2.5 hours, and courses are 3 sessions of 2.5hours. Our full day workshops see you in class for 7 hours, with 1 hour for lunch.


Q: How do I register for one of your classes?

A: Register through The Leisure Guide.


Q: How do I pay for registering in one of your classes?

A: You pay through the organization offering the class, usually online by Credit Card or through the mail with a personal cheque.


Q: Then how do I pay for the workshops that you offer directly?

A: We charge in person via Square, or on our website through PayPal. All payment options are securely handled and never sees your card info.


Q: How can I prepare for my first class?

A: Download the class notes, and if applicable charge your camera battery.


Q: How are your classes laid out?

A: You’ll learn through a variety of discussion, samples, demo’s and activities.


Q: What makes your classes better than “all the others out there”?

A: We are professional teachers… trained to design and deliver course content. We are not sales people teaching about what we sell. Neither are we photographers supplementing our service income.


Q: Do you get compensated for recommending certain gear or software?

A: No. We recommend brick and mortar camera stores because of their quality of service and ability to provide appropriate gear for your needs. We buy all our own gear at the same price point you would pay. The software that we teach about is often provided at no cost to us from the developer to support our educational service. We only demonstrate software we believe in!


Q: What is your average class size?

A: Class size is limited to 10 students maximum.


Q: Do I need to take your classes in a specific order?

A: Once you have taken either “Intro Point & Shoot” or “Intro dSLR/ILC mirrorless” you can then take any or all of our courses.


Q: Do you offer classes directly?

A: Only our “Hands On” workshops are offered directly.


Q: How much of my time will your classes take?

A: 2.5 hours per session is the maximum class length, with the exception of our 7-hour full day workshop.


Q: What is up with all the class ACTIVITIES?

A: Activities are one of the most effective methods by which people learn.


Q: Do we really get assigned HOMEWORK?

A: Homework allows you to practice at your leisure, and it also reminds you to come to class.


Q: Where does your saying “Don’t Ask Me How I Know…” come from?

A: That is the voice of prior experience, “You might not want to do that…”, speaking directly from me to you…


Q: What if I have questions about my homework?

A: There is an email link that you are encouraged to use, download the Glossary or the FAQ page, if you have questions.


Q: What do I bring to class?

A: Camera, where required, and pen/paper for taking additional notes.


Q: My camera isn’t brand-new; can I still learn about it?

A: All digital cameras can be used in class.


Q: Can I take more than one class at the same time?

A: Once you have taken the pre-requisite you can take as many classes as you wish. Or you can contact us directly to arrange for “prior experience” admission.


Q: Can I bring my laptop and “follow along” while you demo software?

A: Yes. However you will need to do your own troubleshooting should your laptop fail. (This is why we provide our own computers for our Hands-On workshops)


Q: Do you offer “one-on-one” tutorial sessions?

A: Yes, though there is a 2-hour minimum charge.


Q: How can I go about learning even more? Do you have resources?

A: We have tutorials and a Digital Glossary available on our website.